• Transhumance

    Ait Atta noamds

Every spring, nomadic Saghro in the South East of Morocco, leave their pastures and migrate with their herds of goats, sheep and camels, their entire family and belongings. These caravans set off to cross the Dades valley and climb on the southern slopes of the Atlas mountains over 3,000m for the summer months. They will finally reach the Izourar lake and its highlands and pastures. Some set up their tents and make camps there; while others will continue to the north side of the Atlas and set up their temporary camps for summer.
The Ait Atta are a group of the Amazigh population of Morocco, originating from the Sahara. Jbel Saghro is their original fief or homeland. They spread out around in the valleys of Tafilalet, Ziz, Draa and Dades living a transient nomadic existence.

Mohamed sleep next to his mother Aicha, under a tente where they stay until mid September.
Addi carrying a sheep to shear.
Hemad resting under a tree after they arrived to Tamda. The last stop.
The weakest sheep and goats get carried and fed by the caravan.
While some of the family guide the caravan, others Herding the flock of sheep.
Camels travel thou varied landscapes.
and dried figs during the walking.
Olive oil, and bread are what nomads Ofen eat during the Transhumance.
The longest day of the trip, the caravan passes through hard paths.
The longest day of the trip, the caravan passes through hard paths.
Aadi cutting weed for camels to eat..
F'tto preparing nomad bread.
Meet Mohamed, the youngest nomad, he did his first trip when he was one weak old.