• Time to get serious

In a few days we will move to the villages that we were assigned to, our village will be in Mulanje district, many people told us that is one of the most beautiful places in Malawi, it must be true. after spending time getting to know the community, we will work with them to create a project that will answer their needs and contribute to the development of their community.

Working with communities was one of the key lessens that we learned during the five weeks of Pre-Services Training, The training was hold in Naomi Katengeza Lay Training Centre, at the foot of Chongoni Mountain. We had one full week of 1st aid and disaster management training, then so many NGOs visited and shared their knowledge, challenges, and goals with us. Then, the Human-Centered Design team checked in, Garrett the tall energetic Human-centered design trainer, how brought the spirit of New-Orleans to Chongoni. And Aziz, oh we will miss you Aziz, he brought us the Moroccan tea pot, and the Tajine, and Ahidous -Amazight chants-, Aziz made us miss Morocco even more.
Chongoni fields – malawi
Chongoni fields

During the two weeks of Human-Centered Design workshop, Garret t and Aziz changed our views towered human development work, they open our eyes into how to detect the right problems, and how to find the solutions, then re-find the right solutions. Two weeks of theory classes, and practices in the nearby villages made us more prepared to serve our new communities.

Malawians officials, US ambassador in Malawi, and Liz Fanning, the founder of Corps Africa, will witness the sewer-in of the 1st Corps Africa Malawi volunteers, Nine Malawians, and us the tow Moroccans, we will sewer-in to do our best to serve people of Malawi for one year. It is not an easy task, indeed, but it’s an adventure, and every adventure comes with challenges and rewords, challenges that makes you grow, and rewords that brought happiness into your life, that is a true victory.

Chongoni fields - malawi