Photographs from the Souk of Rissani.

While waiting for the sun to get a little down before start the photo-shoot in Merzouga dunes, we drove to Rissani old market to get Medfouna for lunch.
Rissani is one of the oldest cities in Morocco, actually the  the founder of the Alaouite Dynasty of Morocco (or the grand grand father of the king) is burred near Rissani.  Rissani was, and still a major commercial point, where people come from around the region to do business, especially inside it's old market, Souk.

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Portraits from Malawi
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Photographs of The Bouregreg Valley Development Project, Rebat
Bouregreg Valley Photo series for Pomilio Blumm, UfM 1 Photographs produced by Abdellah Azizi of the ongoing Bouregreg Valley...

Taragalte of M’hamid el ghizlane, Morocco

Photographs from 7th edition of Taragalate festival in M'hamid el ghizlane South of Morocco. The 2016 edition featured the Tuareg band Tinariwen, the Moroccaan soul artist Oum, the Gnawi signer Aziz Sahmaoui, and other international artists.
It is always a pleaser to be among Taragalte people, and listen to the sound of music breaking the silence of desert, and photographing the joy of visitors and locals.

Ibrahim ag Alhabib and Alhassane ag Touhami, Tinariwen - Taragalte 2016

Ibrahim ag Alhabib and Alhassane ag Touhami, Tinariwen

Oum performing for Taragalte's audience setting in sand dunes of M'hamid  el ghizlane.

Tinariwen music brings energy to Taragalte's stage.


Photographs from Essaouira, ona of the most beautiful cities of Morocco, it used to be called Mogador, this old city known for it's small fishing port, Gnawa music, and the lovely ambiance, and it's wall where they filmed some of Game of Throne khaleesi's scenes.

Essaouira, bed in the street