• Videography

Transhumance des nomades Aït Atta

June 10, 2018/by azifoto

Cumin du désert

April 1, 2018/by azifoto

Vegetables seller – Tunis

February 4, 2014/by azifoto

Seul dans le desert – Foyers Rives du Rhône

January 7, 2016/by azifoto

CorpsAfrica – Malawi – pre-service training video

May 27, 2016/by azifoto

Transhumance – Ait Atta Nomads

February 8, 2015/by azifoto

Rencontre de soi dans le désert

March 11, 2017/by azifoto

A Love defies borders, assignment for CNN

July 4, 2017/by azifoto

Aissa Joud

September 13, 2019/by azifoto

Hafida Zizi

September 13, 2019/by azifoto

Traversée Haut Atlas

September 21, 2016/by azifoto

GCCA+ Side-event, COP22 Marrakesh, Morocco

November 21, 2016/by azifoto

A seed for tomorrow

December 29, 2018/by azifoto

Paintbrush and Fork

March 29, 2014/by azifoto

Ouazguiti carpet, the Berber carpet

May 19, 2015/by azifoto

Les jeunes de la région Drâa Tafilalet à la COP22

November 25, 2016/by azifoto

Corpsafrica’s All Country Conference

February 22, 2017/by azifoto

Ici dans le désert – Therapeutic Hiking

February 8, 2015/by azifoto

Foum Chenna

February 13, 2019/by azifoto

Youth Ecology Initiative Fund

March 23, 2017/by azifoto

CorpsAfrica – Malawi – Interview with Liz Fanning the Founder

April 7, 2016/by azifoto

Morocco Solar Festival

October 20, 2015/by azifoto

Zineb Boutkhoum Datcharry, Femme guide

September 21, 2014/by azifoto

CorpsAfrica – Malawi – Volunteers in Sites

April 5, 2016/by azifoto

Poterie de Tamegroute

June 3, 2018/by azifoto

Zomba Prison Project

August 17, 2016/by azifoto

Kigali Amendment, assignment for Shecco (UNIDO)

July 10, 2017/by azifoto