• Arhal

    the nomadic life of Brahim and Touda’s family

Each year, spring time, nomads of Ait Atta Nomads travel from south of Djbel Saghro massif ( South east of Morocco) through the high Atlas mountains, to reach the high fields of Tamda, near Ait Bougmez valley. In 2017, a team of archaeologists, photographer and an illustrator joined Ibrahim and Touda’s family during their summer trip. Bellow are some of the photographs taken by Abdellah Azizi.

The Ait Atta nomads are an Amazigh tribes living in south east of Morocco, from the Saharan descent. Jbel Saghro massif is their original land. They spread out around in the valleys of Tafilalet, Ziz, Draa and Dades living a transient nomadic existence.

Ait Atta Nomad trip
Herd of the family - Ait Atta Nomad trip
Caravan - Ait Atta Nomads
Karima helping making bread - Ait Atta Nomads
Brushing hair with Henna - Ait Atta Nomads
Karima and Noura - Ait Atta Nomads
Touda pouring water, Ait Atta Nomad trip
Waiting for couscous - Ait Atta Nomads
Cheeps running out - Ait Atta Nomads
Loading camels to truck _ Ait Atta Nomads
Feeding camels - Ait Atta Nomads