1st nights At Mutindu village

"The plan was to spend two night in Mutindu village"

Heavy rain hitting the metal leaking roof, creating a frightening sound that annoys the ears, preventing us from sleeping for that entire long dark night. The heat and humidity made it even worse, and to make things more dramatic, I had to face my fear of big flying cockroaches constantly visiting our room, and Abdellah had to suffer all night from burning eyes due to the exposition to the chemicals in the mosquito knit.

That was our first night in a village in Malawi.

The plan was to spend two night in Mitundu village, however we decided to go back to Lilongwe as soon as the morning comes.

At morn, the exhaustion made us fell asleep for short time. We woke up to the sounds of R&B Malawian music at 5:30 AM .

Welcome to Malawi!

Sounds of the 1st night

After awhile, Assiatu, our host/CorpsAfrica volunteer brought us hot water to shower, which was a lovely surprise.

After having breakfast with Assiatu, and her nephew Abderrahman, we went to the local M'sika (Market) and we managed to bargain for a discount to buy Zintenje (a rapper that women put around their waists), that was assignment from our Chichewa Uphonzitsi (teacher) Lusungu.

Assiatu took us to a small centre built by a Peace Corps volunteer, inside the Chipatala (hospital), where we played scrabbles with Assiatu and her friend Houssien, but of course they beat us .

At the afternoon, we had another assignment from Lusungu, to go out in the village and introduce our selves in Chichewa. Assiatu introduced us to an older Assiatu, who makes Zitumbula (a fried dough, made of corn flower), there we met other women from the village who laughed at our Chichewa, and kids who called us Zongu (White person).

We went back home, where I attempted to have a conversation with the women in the house, who reminded me so much of the chats I used to have with my host mom and the women from my site Ouled Ftata, in Morocco during my service.

That evening was clear enough to witness the new moon as the sun sets down.

We had a warm kindle light dinner with Assiatu and her brother Imani, who welcomed us and talked to us in Chichewa with a warm smile on his face.

Some bugs spray on the door, and tiredness made us had a night sleep we had not have in a long time.

Soukaina and neighbors for the Mitundu village

Soukaina and neighbors for the Mitundu village

Photos from Mitundu

Madrasah Mitundu village
Chichewa course
Chichewa course
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