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How is like to photograph people in Morocco?

a question that might pop in your head, as you are preparing to visit Morocco, for many of us, professional photographer or not, as we all have a camera attached to our phones, this question need to be answered.

About Abdellah Azizi

abdellah azizi portraitAbdellah AZIZI, is a Morocco based photographer. He has graduated from thespecialized institution of cinema in Ouarzazate where he studied cinematographic lighting techniques before joining the International School of Casablanca for Multimedia studies where he specialized in camera operating, sound, and video editing. He then moved back to Ouarzazate to further his experience working in national and international series and movies as a camera and lighting assistant.

Abdellah started working with Almaouja magazine, in 2011, a local French web magazine as photographer, and videographer. In 2013, he left Almaouja to pursue his career working as a freelance photographer, videographer. Abdellah worked in Several magazines covering events around and outside of Morocco. He also worked for magazines like Brownbook, Huke.

Abdellah is a grantee for Word Press Photo organization. He participated in two of their workshops, in multimedia production basics, in Rabat, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, his work with them has resulted into a documentary: “ Zineb, a mountain guide” About the first woman guide in Morocco.

Abdellah worked with hotels, guest houses, and travel agencies around Morocco, as well as produced institutional videos and photographs for organizations such as MSTI and CorpsAfrica as well as companies like Safron. He also covered COP22 in Marrakesh.